Paths of Glory

Session #2

Fight!! The party assaulted Kaiel's forces, dealing damage and taking blows. They learned that Kaiel escaped from the POW camps to the south, freeing others who were sent on ferries "down the river". Now, with a number of captives in hand, the players make their way back to Klatzburg to return the captives and claim a reward. 

Also, Hidar freed the captive Syilvio. 

Session #1

Elf "soldiers" came to Klatzburg for a good ol' fashioned shake-down.  Party was all "come at me bro" and destroyed all of them using fire and magic and a solid punch to a paralyzed elf's face.  Torture ensued along with some pretty good RP from all involved.  Party learned about KAIEL NOT GODDAMN KYLE and went off to kick some tail.  Met three owlbears and their wranglers and had not a bacon tree but a hambush ready for them.  Hurt was dished out to all.  Now they have successfully made it passed the fort's doors, KAIEL NOT GODDAMN KYLE is disarmed and the aprty is surrounded.  Feces just hit the turbine.


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