Dwarven Spymaster


When Hangetsu fell to the Elven Emperor, disrupting dwarven mining interests, Firkraag Stoneshadow was there to see his people lose everything they had worked for. In truth, he had known this was coming for quite some time as his network of informants had kept him abreast of the both the elven army’s movements and the political machinations that had lead to the consolidation of power under a single upstart Shogun. Had he been the one tasked with making the decision there would already have been an army sailing from the east to meet the scheming knife-ears blow-for-blow, but the Mountain Kings of his homeland had decided to reject his advice and cut their losses.

With no help coming, Firkraag prayed to his god for guidance and Vergadian, the Trickster responded: He was to take up the cart of a traveling blacksmith and continue to operate in secret behind enemy lines, sending report after report back to the Mountain Kings while disrupting elven efforts to maintain control of the Island, not only in the hopes of one day reclaiming the wealth that had been stolen from his people, but more importantly to locate, secure, and return the ancient relic hidden deep within the Island’s earthen bones that the Dwarven Exploratory Force had first come seeking, under the guise of simple resource extraction.

With every horse he shoes, every rumor he hears and every letter he writes Firkraag grows closer to his goal and when he finds it, Vergadian willing, he may not even need a Legion of Rockbiters to take back everything the Elves have stolen and more…

But for now, he has horses to shoe, secrets to uncover and did a six foot statue with a head full of red yarn really just walk into that bar?


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