Green Bean

Warforged farmer with no memory of her past or purpose


Ten years ago, a huge and hulking warforged washed up on the shore of a village in Ostland with no name and no memories. She had no weapons, no purpose—just a symbol carved into her forehead that no one could decipher. And a bunch of mildly annoying children staring down at her as she came to on the sand.

She quickly found a purpose: She took over an empty little plot of land beside a crumbling castle and started her farm. Despite having no idea what she was doing, the warforged discovered she had a green thumb, and her farm flourished. She got a name, too; early on, a comical overabundance of green beans led the annoying children to christen her.

Green Bean farms. Green Bean fishes. Green Bean makes baskets. Green Bean is content.

But long ago, someone clearly intended for her to do something else. Farmers don’t tend to have metal-and-stone skeletons standing well over six feet tall covered in wood-fiber muscles. Fishers don’t often have tubes of lubricant for veins and blood and strange symbols on their heads. Basketweavers usually don’t have two thick fingers and a clumsy thumb. Green Bean loves it here, but she can’t help but feel she is supposed to be living a very different life.

Today Green Bean has pulled her cart into town. She is wearing her best brown threadbare dress, and her long red hair is tied back. Her cart overflows with baskets of potatoes and berries and beans and eggs and the other unneeded products of her farm (truth be told, she doesn’t actually need anything from her farm, as she doesn’t need to eat). She has come to sell and trade and go back to her little tumbledown home. But as she passes the pub, she feels something different in the air…


Green Bean

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