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It has been thirty years since the Elven Emperor united the shogunates in a massive invasion force that swept over the known lands.  The Dwarven Mining Colonies on Hangetsu were the first to fall, followed soon by the halfing empire to the north.  The crumbling Empire of Eiwigheid was invaded by a massive fleet and gave little resistance.  It was swiftly replaced by the puppet government, The Fourfold Union.  The orcs of The Triumvirate were the last remaining Free race, the Dead Sea and narrow strip between itself and Nordland providing the only passage for an invasion force.  The three city states have resisted the Empire's forces for those thirty years, and in that time the elves' hold has tightened over the occupied territories.

The Powers:

Empire of the Gilded Heavens

The Triumvirate

The Fourfold Union (form. Empire of Euwigheid)

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