Gromgle Twisewulff

"Be quick about your business."


Broad shouldered
Olive-green completion
Black eyes
Bald head
Thick beard


Born in the war-ravaged city of Plyae, nested between the dead sea and Nordland. Coming from a patrician family, he was raised in the true fashion of the orcs; trained to be a warrior before he could even hold a sword.

Orphaned at an early age; he was conscripted into the orcish military living a life forged in battle and war; fighting in many campaigns and skirmishes. His body a testament to the experience gained: with scars and wounds littering his olive-green forum.

But during a shift in power in the city, he was driven out by rivals and enemies. Gromgle barely escaped with his life, leaving behind a dead wife and child.

Now he has traveled far and wide, selling his skills to the highest bidder. He finds himself in a local tavern.

“Perhaps a drink is in order…”

Gromgle Twisewulff

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