Paths of Glory

Camp Session + Session #3

Friendly Fires and New Faces

The group receives a note from the apparent "Burgomaster of Barovia" who pleads for help from you to aid him in protecting his daughter Ireena Kolyana from some evil from the castle that has afflicted her.  They set off for Barovia after advice from a mysterious fortune teller named Madame Eva.  

Coming to an inn, they meet a Paladin named Sabriel.  She watched as they unintentionally burn down the inn and tavern before making their escape that night.

Passing through dense mists and arriving at Barovia, the group learns that all is not well in the township.  The dark streets are devoid of the living.  Joe and Gromgle break from the party to scout a side-street.  As the remainder of the party makes their cautious way through the street they hear a sound, like a cat through a vaccuum cleaner Hidar Howru vanishes with a flash of light.  Not knowing what became of their masked companion, the group continues through the street.  They come upon a group of zombies, mushrooms sprouting from their bodies, feasting on a corpse.  The group decides to circumvent the undead, attempting to climb to the roof.  They are met with poor luck and ambushed by a pair of winged flying heads!  Firkraag is paralyzed by their screech and receives an unwelcome kiss from one.  He falls from the roof as Rhai fends them off.  Sabriel and Green Bean hold off the now-approaching zombies while the others collect themselves.  Making their way to the center of town, our heroes encounter a paladin of Pelor, Ashlyn, fighting for her life.  The players rush to her aid and together they are able to hold back the advancing hoard.  Rebuilding the barricades they take shelter in the tavern with other townsfolk.  They learn that Ashlyn came with a group of others who went to the church and have not been seen since.  They also meet Ismark the Lesser, the Burgomaster's son who informs them that his father is dead and his sister guarding his body at their house.  Firkraag discovers he has contracted the zombie sickness.  The players decide that the church is the best place to start and make their quick way there, Ashlyn in tow, though fail to notice the zombies blocking their way.  A hasty escape found them at the doors to the church: a massive castle looming at its back.  They meet the priest who seems to have been driven mad.  He is dispatched with a series of kidney blows that rendered him utterly incapacitated.  They learn that his son has been reanimated and appears to be the source of the infection.  During their brutal fight with him, the zombie hoard surrounds the church and begins breaking through.  As the priest's son is again killed the hoard drops, any undeath leaving their frames.  

So what has become of Joe and Gromgle?  And what in the nine hells happened to Hidar??



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